Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ryan Homes Guardian Pricing

On 12-5-2014 we finally had our guardian appointment. The sales representative was really nice and did not pressure sale, at least we didn't feel that way, LOL. The meeting took about two hours, not because of the option but, because the sales rep wanted use to see several option that we were considering.  Guardian prices can add up fast. For the men that like large TV's like myself. The cost to plug and play without seeing cords will cost.  Listed below are the options:

1. 4 mounted flat screen TV', family room, basement, loft and bedroom - 3 were additional
2. Security on all lower level windows and doors. I know what you are saying, lol. The reason being teen age kids, and sometime I travel, just to make the wife feel safe.  We got a great deal on the additional connections.
3. Surround sound for the basement  -  I probable could have gotten this cheaper, but I didn't really want to be bother with it.
4. Whole house audio - this is a luxury item . very closely- but we through it would be a great investment because we entertain often.

Well, we spend a lot on these item but we felt that all of the other options were necessary.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Decision Day

Day 1 - Husband found Ryan House Day 2 - We went to preview floor plan Day 7 - we decided on the Milan model

The journey begins

1. Model picture of our future home.