Financing Information

Ryan Homes uses NVR mortgage for financing homes. We did not use NVR because of the stories we had read and our on personal situation.  NVR offers a incentive for using them as your mortgage company.  be aware that they are a mortgage broker. Not a DIRECT Lender. We did not like this at all. We wanted the ability to go talk to some one instead of sending emails or playing phone tag. I would suggest that you do your own homework and do whats right for you and the family.

 Here is one example that I found just by googling NVR reviews:  "According to them NVR dropped the ball numerous times on their first home build and as a result of NVR's mistakes, they got stuck with a higher interest rate than what they were expecting. This upset them so much that they refused to use NVR for their second home and went with their own mortgage lender. They had been smart in negotiating that all of their incentives would be strictly based on their home purchase and NOT with using NVR, unlike ours. Then they told me their problem with what is my current biggest fear: the appraisal. The appraisal that was performed right before their closing came in $47,000.00 below their purchase price! Ryan homes did agree to drop $17,000.00 off of their purchase price to help close the gap, but that still left them with picking up the extra $30,000.00 out of their own pocket.
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