Pre Dry Wall Questions

Pre drywall meeting questions for our builder - Ryan Homes
 For our upcoming meeting, I found these helpful questions. I will come back and provide answers after our meeting.
  1. Confirm that all electrical outlets, HVAC, light boxes, and plumbing has been installed according the specifications and has passed inspection with local code enforcement. -
  2. Power outlets close to our cable/internet jacks. 
  3. Power outlet on the middle of floor of the study.
  4. Make sure that all penetrations and door/window openings are sealed.
  5. Test for leaks in all show pans, tubs, and drain lines by filling them with water and allowing them to stand for at least 24 hours.
  6. Will Energy Star be conducting a Thermal Bypass Check? -
  7. Will there be a keyless light in the attic? -
  8. Make sure the kitchen island is drawn on the floor to be certain the electrical outlets and lights are in the correct and convenient places.
  9. Check for the exterior lights on front, back, and garage.
  10. Check for exterior outlets and water bibs.
  11. Check for foundation wrap.
  12. Check for locations of outlets, thermostats, and fixtures to make sure they are in their proper place. .
  13. Look for walls that are not square. .
  14. Check that joints in heat ducts are taped properly.
  15. Check for holes in the exterior walls. 
  16. Check that doors swing correctly and make sure light switches are not behind doors. .
  17. Check for draft stop/fire blocking between floors.
  18. check for truss clips.
  19. Make sure that all overhead light fixture boxes are properly blocked - remember, they may be supporting heavy ceiling fans and there will need to be support for them.
  20. Check that the joints for the vents from the water heater are properly glued and installed.  .
  21. Check for all air registers and document them as carpet installers may cover the vents.  
  22. Check for gaps in the duct work and for crushed duct work as this reduces air flow.  .
  23. Check all CSST gas lines to be sure they are properly bonded to reduce risk of fire from lightning strikes. .
  24. Check to make sure that smoke detectors are in their proper locations; if they are wall-mounted then they need to be at least 4" down from the ceiling.
  25. Check floor joists to be sure that the plumbing has not taken chunks out. 
  26. Check for load points in the family room and other high traffic areas.
  27. Our Laundry room is on the 2nd floor. Check for additional cross members under the laundry room (if on second floor) to lessen vibration.
  28. Check for holes in the peaks of the roof.
  29. Check for damage on doors.
  30. Check for placement of Guardian keypads (if selected). 
  31. Security wires for the two doors on the main level & garage 
  32. Check for wires that are touching metal brackets.
  33. Check for microwave outlet and exterior exhaust. 
  34. Ask about insulation for garage ceiling for bedrooms and space above garage. 
  35. Check for attic placement.
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