Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pre- Pre Dry Wall Inspection

On April 21, 2015, I went to the house to complete a pre pre dry wall inspection. The reason for this is during the pre dry wall inspection, you are really not paying attention because the PM is telling and showing you so much.  During my inspection is when I notice that my basement bathroom was really "roughed in". We miss understood the SR meaning of "rough in". Anyway, no bathroom is the basement "yet".

Here are some pictures, I will try to point out some  things that I found.
                                              Garage - make sure its tight with no gaps
                                           Check for light coming in. PM had corrected this.

                                           beam is not straight. PM has corrected this.

                                            Fire place
                                          Check for bathroom fans
                                          Insulation is showing. Check for this. IT was corrected

                                            Check for stuff in the vents. PM stated" will be cleaned.

                                              Check for light coming in from outside.

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